One of the largest lead producers in North America needed to improve its reputation with key stakeholders and raise awareness of its significant investments in sustainability.


Stakeholder Engagement; Sustainability Reporting


A mining and minerals production company discovered that despite the importance of lead to the economy and the company’s significant investments in sustainability, a lack of awareness existed among the community and its stakeholders in both areas.

As a result of our efforts, key stakeholders now rate this company as “good, very good or excellent” in regard to how it handles environmental issues.


As the company’s reputation management partner, Standing Partnership helped the company understand how to improve stakeholder relationships, enhance credibility, and spread the news of its sustainability efforts. The team began by helping overhaul their largest external communications vehicle – its annual community report.

Standing Partnership helped train the Sustainability Report team on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and reporting goals, and spearheaded the strategy, copywriting and data compilation of the first report.

The company’s sustainability reports are now in alignment with internationally recognized GRI guidelines and, as such, detail the company’s challenges and accomplishments – alongside easily digestible data that prove progress.

The reports also allow the company to discuss views on performance, showcase policies designed to ensure long-term sustainability and include narratives that bring these efforts to life. With this information, employees also are better able to serve as company ambassadors.


Since working with Standing Partnership, the company has established a Sustainability Team, articulated its Sustainability Policy, and set company-wide principles. It recently conducted new stakeholder research to gauge its progress.


of stakeholders now believe the company is handling environmental issues in a way that is good, very good or excellent.