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Boosting School Enrollment for Immediate and Long-Term Growth

A language immersion charter school with a limited pool of prospective students needed an immediate boost in enrollment to fill classes for the upcoming school year.

The Challenge

Over the past few years, the school had experienced declining enrollment of students interested in a bilingual education. In addition, recent changes in staffing had created a gap in their marketing and recruitment efforts. With the school year quickly approaching, it was critical to stabilize enrollment and class size for each of the three language programs.

Within three months, Standing Partnership’s marketing strategy and digital advertising campaign filled more than an entire classroom with new students.

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  • 28 new students enrolled
  • 75 tour requests from prospective families
  • 356 leads generated from new digital marketing efforts
  • $105 cost per lead generated

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Our Solution

Through strategy sessions designed to gather input from school administrators, teachers and parents, Standing Partnership was able to define the school’s unique value, determine how/where to reach prospective families and identify obstacles in the current enrollment process.

In addition to a comprehensive, long-term marketing strategy, a 90-day action plan was created to immediately increase awareness, interest and enrollment. Tactics included:

  • Paid search (Google) and Facebook advertisements designed to collect contact information from prospective families in the targeted geography and age range
  • A standalone webpage designed to generate leads through contact form submissions and an automated tour-scheduling tool
  • New advertising and marketing collateral, including digital billboards, flyers, social media posts and yard signs, all directing prospective families to the new webpage
  • A framework for contact follow-up, including a lead tracking database and phone/email scripts, to move prospects efficiently through the decision-making process
  • Recommended communications to solicit favorable new online reviews from existing families and reduce the prominence of older, unfavorable reviews that might be seen by prospective parents

The Impact

In only three months, the campaign generated interest from 356 prospective parents and ultimately enrolled 28 new students for the upcoming school year. By highlighting the standalone webpage in all outreach and making it easier to register for tours online, the school scheduled more than 75 tours – averaging one tour per day.

Learnings are being applied to the school’s ongoing marketing efforts to boost enrollment and build a student pipeline for long-term growth.

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