You have a bold vision and big sales goals. Your go-to-market strategy is the roadmap to get you there. When you work with Standing Partnership, you get a collaborative, realistic and action-oriented approach to deciding what to sell and how to sell it.

In a competitive and volatile global market, growth isn't always easy. To drive new, profitable growth, you have to objectively evaluate the potential of new or expanded products, service lines, market segments, geographies, industries, and more.

Standing Partnership has built a robust process for a full, fair, and informed assessment of these potential growth drivers. Our process works to weigh multiple options against clear criteria: bottom-line impact, ease of entry, competitive advantages, and credibility.

Take a deeper-than-data dive. Industry data, market research, and focus group insights are vital, so is understanding your organization’s unique culture and ambition. We help you assess growth opportunities against the right criteria.

Allow more voices to be heard. Casting a wide net for stakeholder input increases engagement, but it can also introduce political dynamics that stifle the best ideas. We help you get the right people in the room and introduce a fair process to make sure all voices are heard.

Get a tighter focus on organization-wide priorities. Success is when you achieve rock-solid alignment as a team to a smaller number of more promising opportunities. When all aspects of your organization are working toward the same business goals, you eliminate wasted time and resources. The focus is on results.

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Standing Partnership spent the time to understand what Maritz stands for, what our needs are and the unique markets we serve. They have helped us accelerate our growth opportunities in those markets.”

David Peckinpaugh, President and CEO, Maritz Holdings

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