Your organization does not operate in a vacuum—whether corporate or nonprofit, large or small, privately held or publicly traded—and no matter the industry in which it operates. Employees, shareholders, legislators, regulators, community leaders and customers take your company’s reputation into account when making decisions about it, ultimately impacting the bottom line. Your reputation is the sum of your stakeholders’ perceptions. Stakeholder perceptions can be influenced through purposeful engagement. We help you develop authentic stakeholder engagement strategies.

From environmental activism to constituency relations, understanding the perspective of your stakeholders is a must. Our stakeholder engagement experts help you identify your stakeholders, understand their needs and expectations, and make stakeholder engagement an ongoing practice for your organization. This will open the door for dialogue and will build longlasting trust between you and your stakeholders.

When stakeholder engagement is part of your organization’s culture—a key strategy grounded in your organization’s values that drives its thinking and actions—your organization is better positioned to create understanding, build trust, and mitigate risk around complex topics and major business decisions. An issue or a crisis is easier to navigate when you have the trust of your stakeholders.

We help you identify key stakeholders, understand their positions and needs and meet them where they are. They may be supportive of your organization, in the “moveable middle,” neutral toward you or clearly  not  supportive of you. We can learn something from everyone—even if we are not able to immediately or even over time change their position. By taking a collaborative approach, your organization can engage in dialogue with your stakeholders and ensure all parties have a voice in the conversation. This is how mutually beneficial solutions are achieved.

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Stakeholder engagement starts with listening and then having ongoing, open dialogue with those impacted by the decisions and actions of an organization to understand their expectations.

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We create communications that secure stakeholder engagement, influencer buy-in and result in the greatest impact for FieldWatch initiatives.

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