Getting to Know our Team | Meg Kramer

Meg is passionate about telling thoughtful, effective stories that help clients achieve their business goals.

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The Path to Sales and Marketing Alignment for New Product Launches

Ensuring sales and marketing teams are on the same page is always essential, but especially when bringing a new product or service to market.

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Getting to Know our Team | Margo Dill Balinski

Margo is passionate about helping organizations recognize and articulate their value and tell their stories.

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Getting to Know our Team | Tiffany M. Leong

Tiffany M. Leong is passionate about helping organizations find creative ways to position themselves authentically through social media, storytelling and thought leadership strategies.

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Getting to Know our Team | Bergen Farthing

With a background in content marketing and strategies, Bergen rejoins the Standing team now as a content manager.

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How to Leverage the Nonprofit Buyer’s Journey to Support your Mission

The nonprofit buyer’s journey is key to improving donor retention, increasing volunteers, and building long-term relationships.

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How to Reduce the Cost of Acquiring Customers

Are you spending too much to acquire new customers? Learn how to lower your customer acquisition costs for sustainable growth.

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3 Steps to Creating Winning Content for Your Vertical Marketing Strategy

Buyers want to work with companies that understand their specific needs—and can demonstrate that their products are designed to address them.

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Reflections from CEO Melissa Lackey on Standing’s 30th Anniversary

Standing Partnership is a place for growth—for our clients and our team. My hope is that everyone we connect with feels a sense of belonging, is empowered, learns new skills, and grows as a professional — whether they are a client, partner or colleague.

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Cx experts, with a combined experience of over 25 years, Nick Sargent and Michael Chandler, host a podcast series called Getting Closer to the Customer


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