Why 2024 Is a Critical Year To Invest in Industry Strategies

Senior Vice President Ashlyn Brewer reacts to the Gartner 2024 Top Strategic Technology Trends, focusing on the need for tech companies to embrace industry-specific products.

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Getting to Know Our Team | Sam Pekarske

Sam’s experience developing engaging and enriching content in several industries make her a valuable asset to our content team.

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5 Ideas for Creating a Culture of Sustainability

Like all important strategies and visions, the best path to creating a culture of sustainability is to foster ownership across your employees and functions.

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How to Foster Sales and Marketing Alignment – Part 2

Motivate greater camaraderie and connection between your sales and marketing teams with proven best practices and drive growth for your B2B company.

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Group President Melissa Lackey Discusses B2B Strategic Growth in Business Journal Leadership Trust Article

B2B companies must change their approach to marketing to break through the crowded marketplace and drive strategic growth for their business.

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Cleveland-based Dix & Eaton Acquires St. Louis-based Standing Partnership

Combined Company Becomes One of Largest 100% Employee-Owned Communications Firms in United States

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How to Foster Sales and Marketing Alignment – Part 1

Following best practices deepens sales and marketing alignment, boost collaboration, shortens sales cycles, and lowers market-entry costs.

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Getting to Know Our Team | Jonathan Matheny

Jonathan’s digital marketing expertise and analytical mindset make him a great asset to the Standing Partnership team.

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Tips to Progress Your Sustainability Reporting after Your First Report

Pressure to report on sustainability metrics is up. Companies that have completed their first – or second – round of sustainability reporting must keep up the momentum.

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Customer Experience Podcast

Cx experts, with a combined experience of over 25 years, Nick Sargent and Michael Chandler, host a podcast series called Getting Closer to the Customer


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