Why B2B Companies Need an ESG Strategy

There are many reasons to deploy an ESG strategy, including supporting business growth and talent retention.

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Why Your Search Strategy Differs from Your Brand Messaging

High performing web content is crafted so search engines understand what your brand does and how your brand solves for what users are looking for.

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It’s Time to Move from CSR to ESG Reporting

Even though your CSR report may have worked in the past, a greater focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in many sectors means it’s time to transition from CSR to ESG reporting.

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Getting to Know Our Team | Michael Ten Clay

With a marketing strategy and project management background, Michael joins the Standing Partnership team as a manager.

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Evaluating Your Sales Enablement Tools and Tech Stack: 3 Questions to Ask

It seems like there are sales enablement tools for everything these days. Ask these three questions to figure out what you really need.

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Navigating the Alphabet Soup of Choosing a Sustainability Framework

Choosing the best sustainability framework for your company can be challenging but ultimately comes down to what information your stakeholders need and how they are most comfortable accessing it.

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How to Improve Customer Experience through B2B Journey Mapping

The B2B customer experience can be a complicated process. Improve customer experience with four common journey map frameworks.

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Bad Data Visualizations: 3 Mistakes Marketers Make and How To Avoid Them

When you’re working with data, presentation is everything. Bad data visualizations can throw off your entire message. Here’s how to avoid three common mistakes.

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Customer Pain Point Analysis—Using Journey Maps to Diagnose the Cause

Understand the types of pain B2B customers experience at every stage, and how this analysis is a critical step in journey mapping to ultimately retain customers.

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