5 Smart SEO Tactics for B2B

Applying proven SEO tactics for B2B elevates your online visibility throughout the buying cycle and helps you close more sales.

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CEO Melissa Lackey Shares ESG Insights in Business Journal Leadership Trust Article

ESG reporting is focused on transparency and disclosure around risks, opportunities and goals.

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5 Steps to Maximize Value From Your Partner Marketing Strategy

Tech companies have found a way to build success through a partner marketing strategy.

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6 Trends in ESG Reporting to Watch This Year

We already have an eye on the emerging trends in ESG reporting that your company needs to know. Check these out and contact us with questions.

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Getting to Know Our Team | Connie Harrington

Connie’s vast experience as a communications consultant and writer along with her leadership skills make her a great asset to the Standing Partnership team, especially for our technology clients.

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4 Keys to Building a Successful Partner Marketing Campaign

Partner marketing is a powerful tool for business growth. To do it successfully, you’ll need good communication and collaboration between all parties.

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President and CEO Melissa Lackey Named 2023 St. Louis Titan 100

As a new Titan 100, Melissa is being recognized as one of the area's most accomplished business leaders in her industry - demonstrating exceptional leadership, vision and passion.

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Supply Chain Sustainability Issues: The Next ESG Hurdle

Chances are, you have a handle on your company’s performance when it comes to ESG, but what do you know about your supply chain’s sustainability?

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