News travels fast, drawing immediate, and sometimes global, attention. Be prepared to communicate quickly and effectively in a crisis, whether it is employee misconduct or a data breach. Your stakeholders are watching how well and how quickly you respond. We are here to prepare you in advance or respond in the heat of the moment.

A poorly managed crisis can send your stock price into a tailspin, ruin your corporate reputation, and cause your customers to leave. Ideally, you should have a crisis preparedness plan you can rely on to respond to crises with speed and efficiency. Our experts can help build one. If a crisis catches you unprepared, our experts can jump in to help you manage it and limit the negative impact on your reputation and your business.

In highly regulated industries especially, issues that can threaten your freedom to operate can percolate for years before becoming a crisis. Don’t let issues become crises. Address them proactively to maintain transparency and trust with your stakeholders and avoid negative outcomes.

At Standing Partnership, we have decades of experience working with a variety of clients and will bring our expertise to help you anticipate, navigate and manage issues.

Our crisis readiness assessment evaluates existing plans, takes a competitor and industry audit and assesses all likely crisis scenarios. From there we develop your crisis communications plan, complete with decision trees and strategies and tactics for each noted scenario. We’ll train your team through tabletop exercises or crisis drills, prepare your spokespersons and revisit your plan regularly to ensure you are always prepared.

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The Complete Guide to Crisis Communications Planning

We hope this step-by-step guide helps you assess your organization’s preparedness for a crisis.

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