Have big growth goals? We share your ambition. Let’s maximize your marketing and sales investment, identify your growth drivers and develop a compelling go-to-market strategy that builds your pipeline.

If you’re spending a lot of money on sales and marketing and your sales are flat (or declining), it’s time to change things up.

We evaluate people, processes and technology to ensure you reach, nurture and convert prospects. That means breaking down internal silos, aligning on KPIs and integrating efforts. Make your marketing work smarter to generate qualified leads and equip your sales team with the tools to close the deal. Here’s how:

Set your strategy. Our proven process assesses your potential growth drivers and weighs multiple options against clear criteria to help us create an actionable approach to what to sell and how to sell it. This is often accompanied by customer analysis and buyer journey mapping.

Leverage marketing to streamline and nurture the sales process. We work with you to understand the questions your prospects have at each stage of decision making and leverage marketing strategies to meet them with answers where they are. From lead generation to nurture campaigns to customer purchase, we make your marketing and sales function more effectively.

Equip your sales team to close more. Because we focus on marketing and sales alignment, your teams get on the same page. Marketing understands what sales need to get the job done. We use data, customer insights and input from sales to inform talk tracks, battlecards and other sales collateral.

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Everyone talks about sales and marketing alignment, but Standing Partnership helps bring it to life. We don’t talk about clicks or impressions, we talk about how to drive sales.”

Senior Director of Marketing, Large B2B Company


The Value of Industry Expertise

David Peckinpaugh, President of Maritz Global Events, shares how Standing Partnership’s focus on their business and industry helps his organization accelerate growth opportunities.

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