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Successful Product Launch and Marketing Plan Drives Company Growth

An animal nutrition company looked to successfully launch a product into a new animal market and drive growth for the company, along with a secondary goal to position the private equity-owned company for potential acquisition.

The Challenge

While the initial soft launch of a new product for poultry had some success in one specific poultry market segment, it fell short of this animal nutrition company’s goals. The company needed to build awareness of its new product within all poultry market segments.

Combining our decades of experience in agriculture with our expertise in strategic communications planning and stakeholder engagement, we developed a strategy to increase awareness and support growth goals for the poultry product, as well as the company overall.

A strategic product launch at a major industry convention and ongoing marketing plan built brand awareness among all the target stakeholders about the benefits the product could deliver.

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  • 66% increase in website page views in the month of the product relaunch
  • 108% increase for pageviews, and sessions nearly doubled on the day of the product launch announcement
  • 3 key trade magazines secured coverage
  • 1 White paper on the benefits of probiotic products featured in a key industry publication

Services Provided
Digital Marketing

Our Solution

We used our Aligning for Action strategic planning process to engage company leadership in an exercise to prioritize key stakeholders (vets, nutritionists and poultry production managers) and align the team around common goals. That process included:

  • Linking all messaging and strategies to the business goals and market realities of the target stakeholders.
  • Delivering vital market and audience insights to inform messaging and strategic recommendations.

Then, we developed a marketing plan to relaunch the poultry product at a major Midwest conference. Our plan built brand awareness and reached target stakeholders with messages about the benefits the product could deliver to their operations.

The Impact

The animal nutrition company learned the value of aligning the product brand and marketing efforts with its business goals, and the value of using consistent messaging focused on the benefits to the buyer throughout all marketing efforts and website content.

The official launch of the poultry product reached an even larger share of the poultry market, and created greater awareness of the company’s growth potential. A leading agribusiness company recently acquired the company.

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