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Boosting Lead Generation for a B2B Company

With the ultimate goal of generating leads to reach sales goals, we helped an industrial B2B company track the results and ROI for its marketing efforts.

The Challenge

The company had no marketing system or software in place to track the sales leads generated from its marketing efforts. It needed to uncover which marketing tactics were most successful in driving sales leads to prioritize its investment.

The company embraced a multi-tiered inbound marketing and lead generation strategy that tracks and then capitalizes on its most effective marketing efforts.

Solving complex problems for complex industries

  • 2,300 new contacts (raw leads)
  • 400 qualified leads among those new contacts

Services Provided
Marketing Strategy

Our Solution

Standing Partnership showed the company how to tap the HubSpot platform to build an inbound marketing infrastructure that would nurture prospective customer relationships by sharing useful content. Standing developed a content strategy and campaigns that directly addressed customer pain points.

We helped:

  • Execute an integrated campaign, including advertising, media relations and social media.
  • Develop a white paper to educate customers on risks and potential solutions.
  • Coordinate trade media, Hubspot assets (including landing pages), a press release, a blog and social media posts.
  • Integrate HubSpot with Salesforce, including implementing lead scoring and routing processes.
  • Produce weekly reports on new qualified sales leads for follow-up.

The Impact

We created a formal inbound marketing program that secured more than 2,300 new contacts. For one campaign in particular, we:

  • Drove more than 1,100 new leads into the system.
  • Qualified more than 130 leads that indicated a “ready to buy” status.
  • Determined the success of each promotion source in driving sales leads to inform future marketing investments.

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