A regional technical college sought to enroll more students for the coming school year.


Strategic Planning, Website Audit and Revamp, Branding

The Challenge:

A regional technical college had experienced years of declining enrollment, and needed to recruit more students for the coming school year. We began by auditing the college’s materials, plans, website and competitors, and uncovered an outdated marketing strategy, including:

  • A disconnect between the college’s branding and its prospective students
  • A lack of digital or social media advertising
  • A website incapable of capturing lead information from visitors

With the fall 2016 enrollment deadline approaching, we tapped our team members with years of experience in higher education. We identified key components of a digital marketing strategy that could be implemented quickly and would have the most impact.

Solution: Targeted digital marketing advertising with new branding and a more interactive website for improved lead generation

The Solution:

By collaborating with college leaders to understand both how students made college choices and why the students chose this technical college for their higher education, we crafted a marketing plan that targeted and engaged the current prospects using advertising, branding, digital and website strategies.

We then deployed our team and partners to help the college quickly:

  • Update the branding and tagline
  • Create new advertising collateral
  • Revamp the college’s website
  • Launch a targeted digital advertising campaign

By reviewing our research on college students and their choices, this client was able to improve its digital marketing strategy and performance and better understand how to communicate more effectively with prospective students.

Just four weeks after the launch of this new digital marketing plan, the enrollment pipeline gained momentum. The college expects to see a year-over-year enrollment increase within the first 12 months. Today, the college’s branding, advertising and website effectively target the right students at the right time through advertising, and the enrollment decline has slowed.


leads generated in the first four weeks after site and campaign launch – in time for fall 2016 enrollment


decrease in bounce rate, suggesting website visitors are finding what they’re looking for and remain interested


increase in pages viewed per visit compared to the previous year