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Reversing Enrollment Declines at a Regional Technical College

We increased enrollment at a regional technical college through updated branding, a revamped website and targeted digital advertising.

The Challenge

A regional technical college had experienced years of declining enrollment and needed to recruit more students for the coming school year. We began by auditing the college’s materials, plans, website, and competitors, and uncovered an outdated marketing strategy, including:

  • A disconnect between the college’s branding and its prospective students
  • A lack of digital or social media advertising
  • A website incapable of capturing lead information from visitors

With the enrollment deadline approaching, we tapped our team members with years of experience in higher education. We identified key components of a digital marketing strategy that could be implemented quickly and be adapted year-over-year to have the most impact.

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  • 6,300 leads generated on average each year, with an average yearly increase of 28% more leads year-over-year against a flat budget
  • 422 students enrolled on average each year, with an average yearly increase of 200% more students year-over-year against a flat budget
  • 28% reduction in the cost spent per lead acquired vs. the prior year

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Our Solution

By collaborating with college leaders to understand both how students made college choices and why the students chose this technical college for their higher education, we crafted a marketing plan that targeted and engaged the current prospects using advertising, branding, digital and website strategies.

We then deployed our team and partners to help the college quickly:

  • Update the branding and tagline
  • Create new advertising collateral
  • Revamp the college’s website
  • Launch a targeted digital advertising campaign

The Impact

Just weeks after the launch of this new digital marketing plan, the enrollment pipeline gained momentum. Over the past three years, the school’s ongoing marketing efforts have been adapted to boost enrollment and build a student pipeline for long term growth. Today, the college’s branding, advertising and website effectively target the right students at the right time, and as a result, have produced a year-over-year increase in awareness, engagement and enrollment.

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