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Growing Market Share with Website Redesign and Lead Generation

An animal nutrition company needed to build awareness and grow market share of its products. A web redesign provided the right platform to launch - and grow.

The Challenge

Our animal nutrition client was concerned that its website failed to draw potential buyers to the site through organic searches. Even when potential buyers found the site, it lacked the components that would turn visitors into customers. The website was missing an inbound marketing strategy and the tools necessary to capture leads. Since awareness was not growing for either the company or its brands, its market share was static.

With extensive experience in life sciences and SEO strategy, we partnered with the company to transform the website into a business-building tool.

We delivered an SEO strategy backed with copy development that immediately began driving organic search traffic. Our marketing automation expertise resulted in immediate leads generated, tracked, qualified and nurtured. The first leads showed up within hours of launch.

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  • 150 website form submissions in the first six months
  • 49% average traffic from organic searches compared to 28 percent the previous year
  • 2.25 pages per session indicating visitors are moving past the homepage and finding valuable content – Two pages per session is a goal for B2B firms

Expertise Applied
Customer Acquisition
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Digital Marketing

Our Solution

We audited the current website for performance and delivered a comprehensive competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities. We then scheduled prompt strategy sessions with internal business leads to identify target audiences and define the searches potential buyers would use. From there, we developed a plan to optimize the site.

Backed by a thorough understanding of business goals and the results of our website audit, we developed a strategy that employed strategic SEO and inbound marketing content, as well as:

  • Strong calls to action to drive quality.
  • Content that would pull organic traffic from the company’s key sales audiences.
  • Tools to move that traffic into the sales funnel and convert visitors to buyers.

The Impact

Throughout the process, we engaged the client in learning to leverage the website as a core marketing and sales tool. With a well-designed website in place, the company possessed the resources to drive organic traffic from its key audiences to the site and collect qualified leads.

Within hours of launch, the website generated sales leads from submissions.

In total, the company’s website generated more than 150 lead form submissions, which led to conversions in the first six months. Organic search traffic increased to an average of 36 percent compared to the previous year’s 28 percent, bringing more visitors to the site who previously may have had no awareness of the company or its products.

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