Buyer’s Journey Mapping Tips

Shifting the focus from the company’s journey to the buyer’s journey helps your business find ways to support your customers better.

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Our Experts Share Takeaways from MDMC 2017

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) opens our Standing team members’ eyes to the ever-growing digital marketing world.

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Five Takeaways from the Latest Nielsen Report: What It Really Means for Social

Who’s using what? We have some insight into where our generations land on the social media plane.

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Online Shareholder Meetings – A Trend Putting the Stakeholder Engagement Process at Risk?

Whether online or in-person, your company is tasked with finding ways to authentically engage with your shareholders.

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4 Website Redesign Tips We Learned from Becoming Our Own Client

Building a new website is daunting – some might say painful. It takes experience, planning and resource management like any project. But in the digital age, it serves as the front door to your company, which makes it incredibly important – and incredibly personal – to everyone involved.

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Your Company’s Reputation Is Making A Public Appearance

Your reputation is on the line. Take the time to review your stakeholders’ perceptions of your organization to help you improve or maintain your reputation.

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4 Crisis Planning Steps Every University Should Take

Universities have a long list of stakeholders that they have to think about when a crisis hits. By preparing right now, universities can lessen the damage that could be done.

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4 Risks of Assuming You Know Your Target Audiences

Your idea of who your target audience might not match the reality of who they actually are.

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5 Steps for Managing Reputational Risk

If you’re thinking about how a crisis could affect your reputation, you’re on the right track to getting ahead of the risk.

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