Reflections from CEO Melissa Lackey on Standing’s 30th Anniversary

Standing Partnership is a place for growth—for our clients and our team. My hope is that everyone we connect with feels a sense of belonging, is empowered, learns new skills, and grows as a professional — whether they are a client, partner or colleague.

As Standing Partnership celebrates our 30th anniversary, it occurs to me that our only constant has been change. In marketing, like many industries, new technologies and disruption has infiltrated the market. We’ve evolved and transitioned over time – expanding our services, testing new verticals and growing our geography. Clearly, we’re a team of avid learners.

When I consider our journey over the past three decades, I’m perhaps most proud of how the company has matured. Part of that stems from being able to manage the ebbs and flows that come with owning a boutique consulting firm; the other is the composition of such a strong, dedicated team. We have the grit and resiliency that’s required.

One factor that has continued to set Standing Partnership apart is our ability to stay relevant. We’ve kept up with changes in the market to ensure we’re able to offer the services clients want and need. We’ve evolved from our origins as a PR firm to a strategic marketing consultancy, working with senior leaders to align marketing and sales to drive organizational growth.

And we’ve done so while staying true to our core competency — strategy. Today more than ever, we see organizations struggling with tactics looking for good strategy.

It’s strategy that zeros in on the critical questions about how organizations can grow their revenue, optimize their operations, and connect with stakeholders in meaningful ways. We aspire to be the firm clients turn to when they need a solution provider and thought partner — someone in the trenches with them.

Our ability to keep strategy as our true north, from our roots in traditional public relations to our current suite of consulting services, is distinctive because we’re in our second generation of ownership. Our founder, Cathy Dunkin, put a great deal of care and thought into succession planning. Transitioning ownership is a big deal and some don’t make it. We were fortunate. And I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to take the reins.

What I know is this: Standing Partnership is an incredibly special place. It’s hard to put my finger on our secret sauce. Is it our strategic acumen? Is it our seamless integration with clients? Is it our reliability and responsiveness? Is it how we collaborate and partner? Is it our commitment to giving back to our communities?  The answer is YES…all these things.

Thank you to all those who’ve been part of our journey. The talented, dedicated and thoughtful professionals, employees and partners — past and present — who’ve been part of our fabric and contributed to our 30 years of success.

It’s an exciting time for our firm. The future is bright and uncharted. Whatever the challenge or opportunity, we’re ready to take that next hill!

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