Nick Sargent

Nick Sargent


Only 9% of marketers say their digital marketing is effective.

You know that your digital marketing strategy is a critical part of your business strategy. But how do you keep pace with the constant change in digital?

Do you struggle with:

  • Website that doesn’t drive results. You have a beautiful site, but does it deliver for your business?
  • Disconnected campaigns. You have campaigns focused on all the right audiences in all the right places, but are they working together to meet your most important goals?
  • Multiple tools that never seem to do anything. Even if you have the right marketing technology stack, is it optimized to get the results you want?
  • Partners that struggle to understand your business and its goals. Your industry and your company are complicated. Are your current partners committed to understanding that complexity?

Your Trusted Advisor for Digital Marketing Strategy

Your goals are our goals. When you work with Standing Partnership, we quickly learn everything about your business, your industry and your goals. Then we collaborate with you to create a digital marketing strategy that delivers bottom-line results.

  • We optimized content marketing for a global industrial IT supplier, increasing sales qualified leads and proving marketing’s impact on revenue.
  • We launched a revamped website for an animal nutrition company that increased inbound leads from 0 to 150 in six months.

Our clients say Standing is their trusted advisor to:

  • Make sense of data by reporting digital marketing impact on the bottom line.
  • Identify and optimize the right digital marketing tools to achieve their goals.
  • Create content marketing that influences audiences and motivates them to action.
  • Provide the support they need – from on-demand advice to campaign planning and execution.

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