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Improve Digital Marketing Results by Looking at Both Sides of the Digital Lens

Posted Feb. 16 2017, 12:09:28 am

Tyler Sanft

Is your digital strategy a telescope or a microscope?

Let’s approach that question a little differently: did you choose to go digital because you understand your problem? Or, are you following trends that say digital is the best solution without actually diagnosing what’s wrong with your old strategy?

We are in the thick of the digital age. Innovators, early adopters and the majority have all migrated to digital platforms, and you’ve likely been somewhere in this pack. But as much as you have tried to tap into the potential digital offers, it may not have given you the results you were hoping for. It looks like you have two options: either rework your digital strategy or return to traditional methods. You know reverting is a temporary fix, but you’re not sure if you have the resources to do a complete digital overhaul right now. You need a third option.

The good news is that every digital strategy has this third option built in, often without organizations realizing that it’s there. Organizations that have seen positive returns on their digital investment don’t need to look for a solution. Organizations that haven’t seen good results might be too busy looking at their strategy from one side of the lens to realize they need a solution.

So we’ll ask again: is your digital strategy a telescope or a microscope?

A good digital strategy lets you interact with your audiences in ways you’ve never been able to before. Data impossible to collect via traditional means now lets you isolate the audiences you want and only pay for reaching them.

Which direction you look through the lens can affect how you (and your teams) address issues.  

By utilizing an experienced and knowledgeable digital partner, your message can be focused and concise. Digital is your telescope to block out those you don’t want and paint a clearer picture of the audience you want to reach.

On the flip-side, your digital strategy offers your audience a unique view into how your business operates. You can show them how tech-savvy and consumer-friendly your business is online. But, if there are any issues in how your business operates, you’re also giving them a clear image into your shortcomings. Your digital communications offer the consumer a microscope to view and interact with your business in ways that couldn’t have existed before digital. Your content may be good, but the second the consumer initiates contact with your organization the issues will rise to the surface.

But the good news is you already know how to fix it. You know your business and its place in your industry better than anyone. You know the answer to every question about how your organization operates and have a pretty good idea of where your industry will be 5, 10, 20 years from now. So, why do you need a partner to tell you how you should present yourself in the digital space?

Good digital experts are thoughtful, experienced and fluid, just as you are in your industry. And just like there’s a reason why you’re the expert in your field, there’s a reason why the best digital experts are in such high demand. By using an outside digital partner, you give that expert the opportunity to do something no one else can do: stand on both sides of the digital lens. As an outsider, the true digital expert can look into your organization and see what your audience sees. The expert can also work with you on the inside to create the best message for you to give to your audience.

The best digital partners don’t use digital as a microscope or a telescope. The true experts use it as both, combining the data to create a complete picture of who you are in the digital sphere. And if that picture doesn’t match who you want your business to be, it’s time for a new digital strategy.

If your digital strategy isn’t working the way you thought it would, you’ve probably been stuck thinking you only have the two options mentioned earlier: rework your digital strategy or return to traditional methods. But now you know you have a third option: partner with a digital expert who can create results where you thought you had none.

The right digital partner will diagnose the problems you can’t see from your end and will help you craft a more effective strategy to reach your stakeholders.

Is your digital strategy a telescope or a microscope? With the right digital experts, it can be both.

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