Aligning marketing and sales sounds easy … but until recently, marketing and sales worked separately, often toward very different goals.

In a world where 60% of buyers prefer not to interact with a sales rep, and 62% believe they can figure it all out based on online content, it’s easy to see the importance of aligning marketing and sales.

We can help you break down barriers, build trust and realign sales and marketing teams around shared revenue goals for success.

How Sales and Marketing Work Together

Lack of agreement on insights into the customer and priorities are common causes of misalignment between sales and marketing. Here are some of the steps we use to build a more effective relationship between the two departments:

Sales and Marketing Alignment Audit

  • Examine the expectations and needs of both teams
  • Assess current communications and processes
  • Partner on strategy
  • Establish shared goals and KPIs
  • Create shared definitions of MQLs and SQLs
  • Identify high priority sales enablement tools/content
  • Develop roadmaps for workflow integration
  • Partner on the use of technology (e.g. CRM)

Deliverable: Sales and Marketing Alignment Action Plan

At the end of your sales and marketing alignment project, you’ll receive a comprehensive plan containing recommendations for common goals and processes, the shared use of technology and a framework to build and maintain cross-departmental collaboration.

Even with a plan, we know it’s not easy. Our marketing and communications experts can coach and guide the implementation of sales and marketing alignment if needed to jump-start the initiative and keep it on track.

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