Getting to Know Our Team | Sam Pekarske

Sam’s experience developing engaging and enriching content in several industries make her a valuable asset to our content team.

Sam Pekarske joins Standing Partnership as a senior content specialist, supporting the tech practice in developing engaging and enriching content for clients at any part of their journey. She is excited to join the supportive and savvy team and expand her knowledge in SaaS products.

Before joining the Standing team, Sam worked at Generac Power Systems and National Business furniture as an in-house copywriter, focusing on creating content that captured brand voice without sacrificing technical acumen. During this time, she focused on a mix of digital content and print media, as well as developing content strategy and brand guidelines to help her fellow marketers retain and strengthen brand identity.

In addition to other positions in content writing and development, she worked within the financial services and investments industry, and she continues to apply the guiding principles of client service, sensitivity, and satisfaction to her role in Standing’s content team.

Outside of work, Sam lives in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a very large, very sassy cat. She enjoys participating in the city’s rich literary arts and music scenes and can be found reading poetry or playing various instruments throughout the city.

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