What We’re Reading – Celebrating Earth Day and Sustainability

Posted Apr. 23 2012, 11:08:08 am

Standing Partnership

Over the weekend, we celebrated Earth Day, a day where Americans join together to celebrate what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement.

If you follow our blog on a regular basis, you’re aware that sustainability is a frequent conversation topic with our team. Last week, Julie Layton shared how we’re working on becoming a more sustainable company in her blog post, and a past post from Christi Dixon shared how we define sustainability.  Our team really enjoyed Earth Day and the sustainability buzz, especially since we are preparing for the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) U.S. conference Making Sustainability Count-Tracking Progress, Driving Opportunity .

With all the excitement around sustainability, we wanted to share a couple articles that have caught our eyes.

Have you heard of any unique sustainable initiatives? Please tell us ways sustainability efforts have changed your work or learning place. We’d love to hear how these efforts affect your life.


Written by Larissa Piper, former Standing Partnership employee

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