Standing Falls Back into Fridays

Posted Sep. 12 2012, 09:00:46 am

Standing Partnership

At Standing, we are awarded numerous employee benefits from our beloved flex time  to Standing Presents and sabbaticals.  However, one of the most treasured employee benefits of all is definitely “Summer Fridays.”

Each summer, Standing employees work hard all week, and when noon rolls around on Friday we pack up and leave to enjoy a nice, long weekend! However, no matter how beautiful the weather, we keep our clients top of mind. With our phones or laptops in hand we are always available – we may just be poolside!

This summer’s seemingly endless sunshine has allowed us to live our “Summer Fridays” to the very fullest. Although all good things must come to an end, we couldn’t possibly let our first full Friday get us down. Last week, we celebrated with a Friday at Four, another employee benefit that we hold dear. This Friday at Four, entitled “Fall Back into Fridays,” included a delicious fall-themed pot luck and a pumpkin beer taste test. Great job to the Standing Culture team, who knew just the way to get us into the fall spirit!

As the Standing Partnership intern, I can’t help but feel a bit spoiled that my first employer out of college knows how to truly have a good time! I’ve certainly enjoyed my Friday afternoons off, but the potluck made our bitter-sweet goodbye to summer just a little easier.

What about your company? What employee benefits do you enjoy?

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