Passion is Key to Pro Bono Work

Posted Apr. 10 2012, 09:33:57 am

Standing Partnership

At Standing Partnership, pro-bono work isn’t an afterthought, it’s a priority. For 20 years, Standing Partnership has been giving back to the community. Our history and reputation as community partners is why Senior Vice President Julie Steininger recently participated in an International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) – St. Louis panel during their March meeting entitled, “Grow Your Community, Grow Your Career.”

As one of three panelists, Julie described key benefits of pro bono work including:

  • Allowing team members to work with organizations on issues for which they have a personal passion
  • Allowing employees to refine their skills and grow in their careers
  • Allowing team members to develop and expand their professional networks

Team members at Standing Partnership serve on many boards throughout the St. Louis community. One great example is Kristin Gumper, who has a passion for horses. She joined the board of Mid America Horse Rescue, which rescues, rehabilitates and retrains ex-racehorses. Her involvement with the organization has not only been personally rewarding, but she’s also had the opportunity to stretch her professional skillset by leading the organization’s rebranding efforts. Kristin is just one of the many Standing Partnership team members who are giving back to the community. Some of our other colleagues serve on the boards for the St. Louis Petlover Coalition, Habitat Young Friends and Jefferson National Parks Association.

Julie was careful to point out that pro bono work and serving on a board can often be time consuming and much of the work takes place outside of the normal workday. She said that is why being passionate about the cause you support is so important. It takes commitment, and passion is critical for success.

At Standing Partnership, as Julie shared, we encourage employees to seek opportunities to lead, manage projects and guide teams by serving on committees or boards. And, on an annual basis, Standing Partnership selects Community Partners, which receive support through in-kind professional services or volunteer hours. Over the years, Standing Partnership has supported more than 100 community organizations

What recommendations do you have for individuals considering joining a board or participating in pro bono work? 

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