How I Started Standing – Lindsay Auer

Posted Jul. 23 2012, 09:30:10 am

Lindsay Auer

Officially, I started at Standing Partnership six years ago.

I had just graduated from Saint Louis University and my fellow classmates and I were all anxious to secure internships for the summer.  With quite a bit of experience already under my belt, I was fortunate to have offers from several of my top choices – from major global agencies to smaller, independent firms.

When Standing called the day before graduation, I had technically already accepted another job offer, but I knew in my gut that Standing was where I wanted to be.  So, with some advice from my favorite professor, I swallowed my pride (and crossed my fingers I wasn’t burning any bridges in this small PR town!) and informed the other company I could no longer accept their offer.  I started at Standing the very next week. 

After hiring their last several interns, Standing already had a full staff on board as my internship drew to close.  But I was looking for something permanent (and with health benefits!).  My mentor and internship coordinator, Kristin Gumper, pointed me in the direction of Anheuser-Busch.  They were looking to hire an associate for a yearlong program, and that entry-level role quickly turned into six years of fast-paced, exciting and challenging communications work for the largest beer company in the world.   

During my time at A-B, Kristin and I always kept in touch – she’d reach out regularly whenever Standing was hiring – and I sent a few former colleagues and classmates in their direction.  While I had only been a part of the Standing team for four months – it was never a place I could forget.  Somewhere I knew I would work again.

Finally, when Kristin reached out again this spring, I was ready for something new.

In speaking with the Standing team during my interview process, I quickly took note of what had changed in those six years – a refined strategic outlook and impressive business savvy (things I hadn’t noticed in my few months as an intern).  And I noticed what hadn’t changed – a commitment to the personal and professional development of its employees.  While the world of beer was fun, Standing was a place that could give me lots of flexibility, allowing me to jump headfirst into new industries.

So, I happily accepted Standing’s offer, got married two weeks later, and started my new job three days after that.  Talk about a fresh new start!  Those were certainly a few fast-paced weeks, but I believe you know the right fit when you see it – it was that way with my husband, and my place at Standing.

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