Got Junk? – An Update from the Standing Green Team

Posted Sep. 17 2012, 01:46:35 pm

Standing Partnership

In our last Standing Green Team update, we mentioned several initiatives that will be put into place in congruence with our participation in the St. Louis RCGA Green Business Challenge. We’re proud to announce that our first initiative is now underway!

Junk mail in the U.S. accounts for over 100,000,000,000 pieces of mail each year, and 44 percent of that goes into the landfill unopened. At Standing, we are no stranger to this tedious influx of catalogs, credit card offers and coupons that many businesses experience on a daily basis. Therefore, our first step toward the Green Business Challenge is to reduce the amount of junk mail that employees receive by removing ourselves from junk mail lists for good.

Using this extremely helpful junk mail reduction kit from StopJunkMail.org, our team is now making a point to unsubscribe from various publications and junk mail lists. Each team member is encouraged to follow the kit’s five easy steps to reduce work junk mail at least until the end of October.

We will be measuring our success by adding each piece of mail that we unsubscribe from to our junk mail collection box. This will serve as a visual reminder of how much junk mail we receive from junk mail lists as an office and a celebration of how many trees, money and other resources we are going to save each year. So far, junk mail reduction is off to a great start and we can’t wait to keep you updated on our progress.

Have you or your organization taken any steps to remove yourself from junk mail lists? We’d love to hear about your ideas or accomplishments. 

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