Continuing the Conversation About Agriculture and Food

Posted Feb. 15 2012, 08:15:07 am

Julie Steininger

Senior Vice President


My colleague Nick started the conversation about agriculture and food this week with his post Chipotle Grammy Ad — Great Ag Ad or Insult to Farmers?

Today’s St. Louis Agribusiness Club meeting continued the conversation, with an update on the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance and Missouri Farmers Care.

USFRA launched about 18 months ago with a goal to build consumer trust in today’s agriculture. In simple terms, they are getting farmers and ranchers talking with consumers about how food is raised. One tool they have used are Food Dialogue town halls and a corresponding website. What caught my ear is that they are inviting everyone to the conversation — including those with opposing views — which lends to a very genuine conversation, I think. By presenting all viewpoints, USFRA hopes consumers will have more informed opinions.

Missouri Farmers Care works to promote ag in Missouri and wants all Missourians — and others — to have a better understanding of modern agriculture. They partnered with the St. Louis Cardinals to reach a primarily urban audience at the ballpark and with the Cardinals’ radio network to reach people outside the St. Louis market.

A previous post outlines the specific tools Missouri Farmers Care is using to reach its audiences. Cardinals’ mascot Fredbird dropped by the meeting to help relay the success of Missouri Farmers Care.

While I was excited today to learn more about these real conversations taking place regarding food and agriculture, I must admit that I was more excited about the special appearance by Fredbird. What gets you excited about food? More importantly, what do you want to hear about your food and whom do you trust to give you the information?

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