Melissa Lackey

Melissa Lackey


Complex products. Challenging regulatory climates. Multi-faceted buying processes. Are your industrial marketing strategies keeping up?

An Industrial Marketing Strategy and Execution Partner You Can Trust

Standing Partnership understands that industrial-sector organizations need to market their products and services differently. Sales cycles on six-figure, customized solutions stretch from months to years, and involve a team of knowledgeable decision makers concerned about return on investment. Industrial buyers want hands-on product demonstrations, and expect technical specifications, configuration diagrams and deployment options outlined in detailed Request for Proposals (PFPs).

Clients rely on us to develop industrial marketing strategies that engage technical audiences and deliver decision-making criteria. And they trust us to execute relationship-building programs that help them stand out from the competition and keep clients connected long term.


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Industrial Marketing Client Results

We thrive in situations where we can help solve complicated challenges for clients in complex industries, like agriculture, health care, education, industrial and B2B.

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