Julie Steininger

Julie Steininger


Amid growing scrutiny over where our food comes from, your agriculture communications and marketing strategies are more important than ever.

An Agriculture Communications and Marketing Partner You Can Trust

Regulatory and consumer acceptance of agricultural products has become increasingly important – and so has building trust among stakeholders.

Agribusinesses across North America rely on Standing Partnership to increase understanding about sustainable food production processes and technologies. Whether the focus is on biotechnology, crop protection, or animal nutrition, our agriculture-specific communications and marketing programs can help you explain how technology and data are used to make better agricultural decisions.

As one of the top agriculture PR firms in the nation, Standing Partnership is proud to help agriculture organizations address public concern around the food production issues that matter the most.


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We thrive in situations where we can help solve complicated challenges for clients in complex industries, like agriculture, health care, education, industrial and B2B.

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