The Power and Value of our Worldcom Group Partnership

Find out what drove Standing Partnership to join The Worldcom Group and why those international capabilities and leadership opportunities are still important reason today.

What does a privately-owned boutique marketing consultancy do to expand its reach globally? In 1996, Standing Partnership joined The Worldcom Group to grow our ability to serve clients on a global scale and access complementary areas of expertise from partner agencies.

Our reasons for joining Worldcom remain at the forefront of why we continue our partnership today. Through The Worldcom Group, we’ve been able to better serve our clients with:

  • Scalability, enabling our team to flex, expand and contract as needed
  • Access to knowledge and expertise of subject matter experts
  • Industry insights and connections with likeminded professionals across the globe

These enhanced capabilities have enabled us to gain a competitive edge. We can easily serve clients with a global presence or companies looking to enter new markets with nimbleness and local expertise. Cultural nuances permeate most components of a marketing and communications program and our partner agencies help us to tap into local market knowledge, regulatory issues, business and consumer influencers and media.

For example, our work with a global agriculture company required an understanding of influencers in food, nutrition and lifestyle in a number of countries, including Italy, Brazil, Argentina and Poland. By partnering with Worldcom agencies in those countries we were able to deliver valuable insights to our client. Another time, the CEO of a client company was looking to get media exposure in his home country, Mexico. Our partners in Mexico City arranged several interviews with high-profile business publications that resulted in great coverage. We always appreciate the responsiveness and professionalism of our partners.

Over the years, The Worldcom Group has become an ecosystem for mentoring and development among fellow businessowners. In addition to meeting in person several times a year, we connect on a regular basis to discuss common business challenges and share solutions for growing our firms. When the outbreak of COVID-19 caused a spiral of uncertainty and forced businesses to work remotely, Worldcom connected businessowners among different agencies to share and bounce ideas off one another on how to weather the storm. We also had perspectives from other countries who were managing through different stages of the outbreak.

I can’t overstate how valuable it is for me as an owner to speak with other businessowners to navigate all the uncertainty and pivot where necessary to align our business with what’s happening in our world. We’re in this together. Having partners, learning from them and exchanging ideas has been tremendous in helping become a stronger business—and deliver real results for our clients. #WorldcomStrong

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