The better you are at delivering the information buyers need to make a purchase decision, the more likely you are to win their business, and their loyalty.

We can help you hit the content bullseye by determining what topics your target audience really cares about, and help them find the answers quickly and easily.

How to Develop an Effective Content Strategy

Done well, content marketing teaches your target audience something new about their challenges and how to solve them. It attracts and engages them every stage of the process, leading them to one conclusion — your organization is the right organization. Here are some of the steps we take when creating a content strategy:

Content Audit

  • Compare existing content with competitors’ content
  • Assess content performance
  • Identify content gaps
  • Identify opportunities to bypass competitors

Content Strategy and Planning

  • Set content goals and objectives
  • Map key audiences and their needs/challenges
  • Develop content topics, SEO keywords and channels
  • Create appropriate calls to action
  • Establish baselines for content engagement/performance

Deliverable: Content Plan

You’ll receive a comprehensive content plan containing recommendations for topics, keywords and social media & content channels critical to your content marketing success. You’ll also get a content playbook and 12-month editorial calendar – a step-by-step action plan for producing, distributing and optimizing your content strategy.

Our content marketing specialists, writers and editors execute your content strategy and/or supplement your in-house team.

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