Industry Experts Can Be Game Changers for Agriculture and Health Care Companies Dealing with Communications Issues

Industry experts are invaluable in an industry with unique marketing and communication challenges.

Welcome to part three of Director of Digital Strategy, Nick Sargent’s interview about the tough marketing challenges faced by agriculture, health care, pharmaceutical and similar industries. Read on to see his thoughts on how strategic advice from industry communications experts can be a game changer.

Tapping Industry Experts for Strategic Advice

Companies in complex industries face some really challenging marketing and communications issues. Agribusinesses need to address public concern over food production and deal with stringent regulations and trade issues. Health care organizations need to tackle privacy, data security, health care reform and legislation. Higher ed is wrestling with changing student expectations and increasing competition.

The industry experts at Standing Partnership thrive in situations where they can solve complicated challenges for clients in complex industries. Our team members have built deep industry expertise working for a variety of clients and dealing with a multitude of industry-specific issues.

That’s exactly why our agriculture, health care, pharma and education clients come to us. They often don’t have the in-house expertise needed to identify vulnerabilities and navigate the potentially volatile waters that lie ahead. They need help assessing, based on where they are, what to do next to build market understanding and acceptance.

We start by getting to know each team and determining whether they have the right soft and hard skill sets in place. So, we do a lot of team structure evaluation. And, we do a lot of co-creation of the future vision of the team if that’s what’s needed.

We follow the same approach around strategy and the technology supporting our clients’ marketing and communications efforts. Sometimes we advise on positioning and messaging. Other times we focus on stakeholder engagement or corporate social responsibility. Or change management, crisis preparedness and executive coaching. We provide advice on CRM effectiveness and the best analytics for tracking communications impact and results.

Just how valuable is this strategic advice? One of our global agriculture clients recently said, “Standing Partnership counselors understand our business and programming goals and are agile in their willingness to help us.” Our support can come in the form of strategic communications planning, training and coaching. And we can be the arms and legs to help move plans forward. It really depends on the need of the client. But in all cases, tapping into communications specialists with deep knowledge about the issues a particular industry is facing can go a long way towards gaining mindshare and building trust with important stakeholders.

To learn more about the value of strategic communications advice, check out these free resources:

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