Your Ultimate Guide to Customer Experience

Cx experts, with a combined experience of over 25 years, Nick Sargent and Michael Chandler, host a podcast series called Getting Closer to the Customer

This podcast dives into the importance of building a deep and trusting relationship with your customer through insights and trends. Our hosts expose what it takes for businesses to remain successful by meeting customer expectations, enhancing customer experiences and improving customer retention rates.

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler

Mike, an accomplished leader and entrepreneur, has worked in, built and led successful organizations and businesses in Innovation, Service Design, Business Transformation and Customer Experience. He's a strategic partner and works with Standing Partnership to collaboratively advance thought leadership in customer experience.

Nick Sargent | Standing Partnership Team

Nick Sargent

Nick has spent the last decade helping large organizations restructure their teams, revamp their strategy and leverage the right technology to transform their marketing and customer functions from cost centers to profit centers. His work often leads to new marketing, sales and customer experience structures that result in better alignment and unified strategies that lead to revenue gains for the organization.

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