An agriculture company sought to correct misinformation about a new biotech product that was being spread by anti-GMO activists.


Digital Communications Campaign


An agriculture company launched a new biotech vegetable. Although a similar product had been available for over a decade, anti-GMO activists who were misinformed about its quality and safety used social media to spread inaccurate information. In an attempt to stop a major retailer from accepting the new product, activists also promoted a boycott petition.

Standing Partnership worked with the agriculture company’s industry affairs, issues management and public affairs teams to create a platform for sharing accurate product information.


Standing Partnership developed a plan to leverage the organization’s existing relationships with agriculture bloggers to educate them about the new biotech vegetable’s. Tactics included:

  • A private Facebook group for sharing accurate product information and photos
  • A live webinar that would allow the agriculture firm to share more information, and address blogger questions and concerns
  • An Ag Blogger’s Guide including tips on effective blog strategies, blog search optimization and selecting blog topics
  • Blog skills training

Within the first three months of the campaign, independent agriculture bloggers published 12 blog posts. The Facebook group’s engagement levels grew, many members used the vegetable product’s Twitter handle in their communications and posted photos of the vegetables on Pinterest.


independent agriculture blogger posts within the first three months