This rapidly growing startup needed to increase market visibility to position itself for acquisition.


Thought Leadership and Media Relations


A technology company was experiencing any startup’s dream – rapid growth in a short period. However, this bootstrapped startup had trouble communicating the value of its technology to anyone besides potential customers who understood the industry and its technical jargon. While it enjoyed a strong reputation with customers, it lacked awareness among potential investors. This was a major barrier to the company’s goal of acquisition.

A rapidly-growing startup goes from a virtual unknown to a highly profitable acquisition opportunity through a comprehensive thought leadership plan.


The company hired Standing Partnership to build its reputation within the industry and to establish the CEO as a technology thought leader. Our team began with a discovery session and later created a comprehensive thought leadership plan to increase visibility. This process included creation of a robust messaging platform around the client’s value proposition and team expertise. We then used that messaging, as well as media relations and digital strategy, to raise its profile.

After implementing the plan, Standing Partnership secured:

  • 29 media placements, including leading publications for the tech investment community like Forbes, VentureBeat and Brazen Life
  • 1,622 social posts by media placements
  • Three awards for the company
  • 11 guest posts, including bylines in Forbes, Techli, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur Magazine, Brazen Life and Missouri Business for the company’s CEO
  • More than 10 million media impressions in under a year


A few months after plan completion, the company was successfully acquired for $20 million.