• Reputation Risk: Lessons Learned from Wells Fargo

    Another giant has fallen. Last week, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf stepped down amidst public scrutiny and rapidly eroding consumer and regulatory trust.  As if the senate hearings and headlines aren’t enough, clear evidence is the company’s declining stock price—off by more than 10 percent since early September. > read more

  • EpiPen Crisis Shows How Reputational Risk Can Impact the Value of a Company

    One has to wonder when the leaders of Mylan, the maker of EpiPens, became aware that their decision to raise the cost of the life-saving medication turned into a risk to its reputation and its bottom line. From what we can see as outsiders, the answer is “too late.” It appears they were blind to the potential side effects of raising the cost of EpiPens by 550 percent over eight years, unaware that it could be a potential trigger for strong consumer backlash that could turn into a reputational risk.  > read more

  • Common Reputation Management Questions

    Yesterday, as I ended my most recent webinar for Corporate Responsibility Association about reputation management practices, I was left thinking about the most common questions I receive about Standing Partnership’s view of reputation. The webinar yielded some good questions from the participants that I thought might be similar for many people considering the reputation of their company. Below I address those questions, as well as others that I commonly receive.  > read more

  • Four Triggers of Reputational Risk

    Safeguarding a company’s reputation is a high priority for most senior executives. But with the seemingly endless number of ways a reputation can be damaged, the task can seem overwhelming. The most progressive companies conduct annual reputation audits to identify potential gaps and the areas of greatest risk. > read more

  • The “If-Then” of Stakeholder Engagement and Reputational Risk

    A recent study from Standing Partnership revealed that executives think their organizations do a good job building and managing their business reputation. But when it comes to identifying reputational risks, executives are far less confident.  > read more

  • Five Steps for Getting a Handle on Reputational Risk Management

    You are a business executive who realizes that your company’s reputation is one of its biggest assets. You updated the crisis plan not long ago and think it’s still current. Things are going well, but you are afraid that there might be something you are missing, something that has slipped under the radar that could cause your company to become the subject of a front-page story, or the target of an activist campaign that could cast your organization in a negative light… You’d like to get ahead of the risk to protect your company’s reputation proactively…Now what? > read more

  • Earth Day 2016: More Important Than Ever

    Earth Day is today, April 22. It is also, not coincidentally, the first day that the historic Paris Climate Agreement is open for signing. > read more

  • Three Reputational Risk Research Insights That Might Surprise You

    A poor reputation can be disastrous for organizations, yet most struggle to even identify the reputational risks they face – let alone prevent them. > read more