• Apps that Innovate: Four apps to change how you interact with the world

    There is always a new app, update or extension which promises to change the way that people operate on a daily basis. The four apps listed below demonstrate just that sentiment; beyond that, they inspire. Admittedly, an app which allows you to locally order pizza at the touch of a button will not change the world—however, it does make you wonder how you didn’t come up with the idea first.

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  • Meeting B2B e-commerce customer expectations starts today

    Many of our clients operate in B2B industries. No matter the industry, e-commerce plays a large role in B2B digital and sales strategy – or at least it should.

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  • Five Takeaways from my Standing Partnership Internship

    As a communications student, landing an internship with a communications firm has always been a goal of mine. This school year, while researching internship opportunities, my intuition kept drawing me back to Standing Partnership—and my instincts were dead on. > read more

  • Three Ways To Influence Perceptions

    Organizations typically have three channels through which they can influence perceptions: > read more

  • Your Company’s Reputation: Who you are counts more than what you make

    That’s been my soapbox for years. Don’t get me wrong, an organization’s product and services are certainly critical, but there’s growing importance being placed on the corporate entity behind the product brand.

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  • HR: A Bridge Used to Meet Objectives

    For an organization to be successful, each of its components must function well — not only individually, but also collectively. > read more

  • Fostering a Culture of Learning

    As my head hit the pillow on Sunday night I did what I usually do … one last check of my email and of course a final patrol of what is going on with the hundreds of my closest friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    As I scrolled through the mind-numbing dialogue about “what am I” quizzes, baby milestones and candy crush requests, four words kept appearing in my feed: “Why You Hate Work.”  > read more

  • Are You Reaching Your Target Audience?

    In a 2012 post from the Standing blog we addressed five great recruitment videos for colleges and universities and we discussed the factors that made them so successful.

    One of these contributing factors was very simple; the selected videos focused on prospective students, while videos that didn’t top the list made the mistake of focusing efforts on university executives or professors. They completely missed their target audience! 

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