• Your Company’s Reputation: Who you are counts more than what you make

    That’s been my soapbox for years. Don’t get me wrong, an organization’s product and services are certainly critical, but there’s growing importance being placed on the corporate entity behind the product brand.

    I spend quite a bit of time talking with leaders, helping them distinguish brand from reputation. (Essentially, brand is what a company “owns;” reputation, on the other hand, is an amalgamation of a company’s many stakeholders’ perceptions.) I was reminded of this again with the recent release of the Reputation Institute’s 2014 report on reputable companies.

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  • HR: A Bridge Used to Meet Objectives

    For an organization to be successful, each of its components must function well — not only individually, but also collectively. > read more

  • Fostering a Culture of Learning

    As my head hit the pillow on Sunday night I did what I usually do … one last check of my email and of course a final patrol of what is going on with the hundreds of my closest friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    As I scrolled through the mind-numbing dialogue about “what am I” quizzes, baby milestones and candy crush requests, four words kept appearing in my feed: “Why You Hate Work.”  > read more

  • Are You Reaching Your Target Audience?

    In a 2012 post from the Standing blog we addressed five great recruitment videos for colleges and universities and we discussed the factors that made them so successful.

    One of these contributing factors was very simple; the selected videos focused on prospective students, while videos that didn’t top the list made the mistake of focusing efforts on university executives or professors. They completely missed their target audience! 

    Gearing your marketing and communications to the right audience may seem like an obvious tip for making a recruitment video, writing a blog post or putting together a website, but the true audience is often forgotten. Understanding your audience and customer profile is essential to carrying out strategic marketing and communications campaigns. > read more

  • Six Questions for Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas

    In business and in our personal lives, we are often faced with ethical dilemmas. Most of the time, the course of action to take is clear and we don’t even have to think twice. But sometimes, we are faced with challenging ethical issues that could have significant implications on our own personal or organizational reputations. > read more

  • Three Website Strategy Tips

    A website is often the face of your company, and the first interaction people have with your company. So it’s important that it goes beyond matching the look, feel and brand. The website strategy also needs to support and extend your business strategy. Here are three tips to consider when building a website, or auditing your current site. > read more

  • 3 Sources for Decoding CSR, ESG and Corporate Citizenship

    When organizations consider their social, environmental and financial performance, we know the list of buzzwords and industry jargon can boggle the mind. We found a few resources recently that may help as you assess reputational risk and opportunities. I’d also encourage you to reference our related posts on sustainabilitycorporate social responsibility and philanthropy! > read more

  • How to Stand Out at Your Internship

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a Standing blog post titled “How to Find a Great Internship.” Now that you’ve found a great internship, let’s go through how to stand out while you’re there.  > read more