Aliah Holman


Drawing on more than a decade of communications experience spanning industries such as the airlines, pharmaceuticals, fashion, liquor and a host of others, Aliah Holman possesses an enviable treasure chest of tools to help clients achieve their goals. Aliah enjoys opening that toolbox and discerning what strategies and tactics will be most effective to deliver results, and she’s adept at motivating those around her toward a common goal.

A native St. Louisan, she felt called to attend college in the Big Apple, which is where she also launched her career, and she visits the pulsing metropolis as often as possible. Her passion for eastward travels is tempered, however, by her commitments in her hometown. She’s engaged in considerable service work, serving on multiple boards, including the board of the St. Louis Language Immersion School, a charter school she helped found and where her 5-year-old son currently attends. In her spare time, she and her husband enjoy exploring restaurants and listening to live music.