Mihaela Grad

Mihaela Grad


Teams that prove the ROI of their work, get bigger budgets.

You know impressions, clicks and ad value equivalency are no longer enough for your marketing communications team. To get the budget you need, your bosses demand more than awareness. Your team needs to deliver bottom-line results.

Do you struggle with:

  • Disconnected campaigns. Do your marketing and communications campaigns feel disconnected?
  • Tying work to revenue. Are you struggling to show the connection between your work and the company’s most important goals?
  • Staying on top of trends. How can you make sure you’re on the leading edge of technology and strategies with so much work to get done?
  • Getting it all done. With demands on your department on the rise, do you need help implementing the work or bringing your team up to speed?

Why Integrated Marketing Communications is the answer

If you need to get more from your work, you’re not alone: 43% of your colleagues also have trouble proving the ROI of their work.

You need to measure and easily show the impact your work has on your company’s bottom line. You need an integrated marketing communication approach.  You need a structure that allows you to deliver results that matter most.

When you align your campaigns, your team and your investments around the same business goals, your work delivers results worth more than the sum of their disconnected parts.

Our clients say Standing is their trusted advisor to:

  • Develop targeted integrated marketing communication plans tied to deliver on bottom-line goals like growing revenue or creating stronger relationships with influential stakeholders.
  • Manage their budget like it’s our budget. We don’t endlessly churn out content just so we can send an invoice.
  • Invest the time in understanding their business and industry so our work is customized to their specific goals.
  • Provide the exact level of support they need – from on-demand counsel to fully outsourced implementation.
  • Build and optimize plans and campaigns based on data-driven insights.

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