Linda Locke

Linda Locke


60% of corporate change programs fail.

Change is the only constant in business. You can’t avoid it and it seems harder than ever to get your organization to succeed at change.

Organizations need to embrace the VUCA world they operate in. Proactive change programs have a much better success rate (47%) than reactive transformations (34%).

Do these challenges sound familiar?

There’s a major merger or acquisition on the horizon, and you can’t afford to be the 70% to 90% that fail.

A major leadership change has shareholders worried and stakeholders concerned.

New competitors or new technology are disrupting your company/industry.

You’re launching a major restructuring, and you’re worried if employees and customers will support it.

What Do You Do Next?

Focus on change communications. During the major change process, companies do their due diligence to make change work financially. But too often the change fails because they didn’t plan to educate, engage and motivate stakeholders to support the change.

Keeping your most important stakeholders engaged in times of change is critical. When your most important audiences are informed about what’s happening and the role they need to play to make it successful, they become your biggest advocates. When they’re not informed, they can feel scared and angry. Often this means stakeholders like employees or customers dig their heels in and make change more difficult.

Why Clients Trust Us with Change Communications

  • Gained employee and customer support of a merger between two medical claims clearinghouses. A few months after the merger, 96% of employees praised the change communications and 90% of customers gave the new company the highest possible ratings for service.
  • Motivated more than 300 employees of a specialty pharmaceutical company to share cross-department innovations. More than 50 employee ideas submitted during the ideas challenge were implemented in the first year, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

You know change is constant. Yet today’s organizational changes are more complex, frequent, scrutinized and overwhelming.


Communicating Through Organizational Change

How Our Process Works for You


We review the ultimate goals for your change initiatives and what your stakeholders need to know.


We align and mobilize change leaders across your organization around the goals for your change communications initiative. We map out a specific communications strategy for each key stakeholder group.


We develop an easy-to-follow change communications plan, identifying the best communication vehicles to use, the right time to connect and key messages to inform and motivate stakeholders to act.


We provide the exact level of support you need, whether it’s regular coaching calls to discuss plan progress or being an extension of your team to develop and edit material.

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