Melissa Lackey

Melissa Lackey


Corporate reputation accounts for 40% of your company’s financial value.

After a crisis or a loss in trust with critical stakeholders, reputation recovery is critical to your board, your shareholders and your employees. If you don’t rebuild lost credibility and trust in your company, you’re at greater risk for expensive lawsuits, increased government regulation and employee turnover.

The more time it takes for you to bounce back, the more it costs you, your company and your investors.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Government officials and regulators are threatening you with huge fines and expensive litigation.

After a major public crisis, your competitors are using your failure to steal customers and market share.

You’re afraid your reputation may cause a 50% drop in stock price, like Chipolte following its ecoli crisis.

Outside stakeholders want to see change in company or board leadership following a crisis.

What Should You Do?

Don’t just return to business as usual. You need to restore trust with the public, share what you’ve learned and how you’ll change. And most importantly, you need to create transparent, two-way dialogue with your most important stakeholders.

Is Standing a PR Agency, Crisis Firm or Reputation Consultancy?

Our focus on reputation recovery means we often get asked, “What kind of company is Standing Partnership?” Our answer is simple: We’re the trusted advisors to companies that need to restore trust and repair credibility with the public. We help clients just like you quickly recover their reputations so they can return to business as usual. We’ve helped hundreds of complex companies in highly regulated industries recover and thrive after a crisis.

Why Clients Trust Us with Reputation Recovery

  • Repaired community trust and avoided government fines for a major health care provider when public anger erupted after popular doctors were dropped by a major insurance carrier.
  • Improved local support for a manufacturer after its operations were blamed for negatively affecting community health. The stakeholder engagement project identified community concerns with the company and led to more sustainable operations and transparent communications with neighbors.
  • Repaired the reputation a billion-dollar manufacturing company with the community, government and media following an explosion at a plant that damaged neighborhood homes.

Most organizations lack an effective, cross-functional risk assessment process, leaving them more vulnerable to a crisis. Don’t be one of them!

White Papers

Viewing Business Risks Through the Reputation Lens

How Corporate Reputation Recovery Works for You


We identify the risks threatening your reputation recovery work, the audiences impacting your reputation and how far your reputation has fallen with them.


We develop a crisis recovery strategy that helps you prioritize the audiences you need to engage and actions you need to take to regain your reputation.


We develop a recovery plan that maps out the steps you need to take to rebuild trust with your critical stakeholders and how to measure their change in perceptions.


You get the level of support you need during your reputation recovery efforts. That can range from on-demand counsel from our consultants to a fully outsourced implementation solution.

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