Julie Steininger

Julie Steininger


Only 20% of the public gives companies with a bad reputation the benefit of the doubt.

That means companies must be proactive in engaging the audiences that matter most. With trust in corporations and executives at historic lows, you can’t wait until you need their approval to influence your stakeholders.

Thanks to social media, people have been empowered to share their opinions about your company — and do so without hesitation when crisis strikes. The public turns to their peers, media and other influencers to shape their opinion of your business.

Top-performing companies in your industry proactively engage and influence stakeholders to improve their corporate reputations. They experience better customer retention, fewer costly lawsuits and avoid government regulations that put their right to operate in jeopardy.

Are you experiencing these challenges?

Like more than 60% of B2B marketers, influencing key decision-makers is your top challenge.

Online influencers or activist groups are sharing misinformation about your company that’s warping public perception.

Government approval of a new product, project or building is at risk because of public outcry.

You’re recovering from a crisis that eroded trust with key stakeholders, but aren’t sure how to start fixing these relationships.

How Can You Influence Stakeholders?

You need a stakeholder engagement strategy. This approach helps companies identify audiences critical to their success, understand how public opinions shape their corporate reputation and improve two-way communications to build or restore trust with stakeholders.

Does Standing do Public Affairs, PR or Reputation Consulting?

Our focus on stakeholder engagement and influence means we often get asked, “What kind of company is Standing Partnership?” Our clients say we’re their trusted advisor when they need to understand their public reputation and how they can change their communications to influence stakeholders.

Why Clients Trust Us to Influence Stakeholders

  • Earned public support and helped secure regulatory approval for a biotech company’s new product. Our work influenced critical stakeholders to publically support the product and educated the public about the benefits and safety of the technology to combat misinformation spread online.
  • Increased the sale price of an online startup company through media, thought leadership and social media programs that improved the company’s reputation and influenced investors to increase their bids.
  • Secured public approval of a mining company’s rezoning request to expand operations on land it owned. Our stakeholder influence campaign attracted 260 neighbors to a public forum and operation tour that resulted in 97% of neighbors signing a petition in support of rezoning.

Stakeholders need to trust the companies that impact them. Building a positive reputation with your stakeholders requires engagement within every organizational function.

White Papers

Authentic Stakeholder Engagement: Essential to Strengthening Reputation and Managing Risk

How Our Process Works For You


We teach you something new. Our proven process helps you identify your organization’s biggest vulnerabilities and greatest opportunities.


We get to know you and your business. We align your goals with the needs of your stakeholders to create strategies that inform and motivate.


We show the way forward. You get an easy-to-follow roadmap that leads you to the results that matter most to your business.


We’re there to support you. Our experienced team delivers the high-caliber implementation you expect from an integrated marketing agency.

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