Ashlyn Brewer

Ashlyn Brewer


79% of marketing leads never convert into sales.

Thanks to new digital strategies and tools, marketers have become great at generating leads and even better at creating content. But leads alone aren’t satisfying CEOs. Despite all the tools and progress marketers have made during the last decade, CMO tenure remains at an all time low.

The pressure is on to grow your revenue. The pressure is on you to deliver.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Cold calling prospects and working trade shows don’t cut it. By the time you connect with a prospect they’ve read your competitor’s content and made their decision.

Like more than 75% of companies, your sales team isn’t satisfied with the conversion rates from your leads.

All your time is spent creating content and generating leads, not nurturing and qualifying the leads you have already.

Your company’s sales are falling, and prospects are flocking to the competition.

You want to invest in a new digital strategy or tool, but not everyone at your company is sold.

What Do You Do Next?

Call Standing Partnership. For 25 years, companies have picked Standing Partnership as their trusted advisor when they need help solving their biggest business challenges, including growing revenue.

Are Standing’s Employees Marketers, Strategists or Consultants?

When we talk about helping companies solve revenue growth problems, we often get asked, “So is Standing Partnership — a PR firm, marketing agency or a digital consultancy? Are you consultants or an agency?” Our answer is simple: Yes.

We don’t fit neatly in a box. That’s because complex business challenges like revenue growth require more than one tactic. Our focus on helping you grow means we help you find the right mix of online and offline strategies to grow your revenue and prove marketing attribution and ROI.

Why Clients Trust Us to Grow Revenue

  • Solved marketing-sales misalignment for a global event management company that resulted in improved sales enablement materials and 73% of sales team saying they were more confident in marketing after one year. 
  • Improved website performance and launched marketing automation for fledgling animal nutrition company that increased inbound leads from 0 to 150 in six months.
  • Halted enrollment decline for a regional technical college by improving its website and launching a digital advertising campaign that generated more than 100 leads in four weeks.

Download our growth marketing playbook to become a revenue generator for your organization.


The Ultimate Growth Marketing Playbook

How Our Process Works for You


We teach you something new. Our proven process helps you identify your organization’s biggest vulnerabilities and greatest opportunities.


We get to know you and your business. We align your goals with the needs of your stakeholders to create strategies that inform and motivate.


We show the way forward. You get an easy-to-follow roadmap that leads you to the results that matter most to your business.


We’re there to support you. Our experienced team delivers the high-caliber implementation you expect from an integrated marketing agency.

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