How We Help You When you step up to solve business problems, you want support and counsel you can trust. Who will you choose?

The Big Guys

At first: You know you’ll get budget signoff because everyone knows their name.

But then: When it’s time to do the work, the safe choice doesn’t feel so safe. You’re left with big budget requests, no personal attention and an inexperienced team that can execute tactics, but can’t help you solve complex problems.

All Digital

At first: Digital becomes the buzz word in your office, and you’re asked to invest your budget in social, lead gen, and digital tactics and tools.

But then: You don’t get the ROI you expect. Even in a digital-first world, you need a strategic, integrated approach online and offline to solve business problems facing your company.

A Trusted Partner

At first: You hear about a firm that focuses on problem solving. They really listen to you, learn about your industry and present customized plans focused on bottom-line results.

And then: Just when you think you’ll have to do all the work on your own, they’re there to help you put the plans into action. They have the right experts to improve your company’s bottom line and deliver measurable results that align with your business strategy.

For 25 years, leading companies have turned to Standing Partnership as their trusted partner when they needed help solving business problems.

How Our Process Works For You


We teach you something new. Our proven process helps you identify your organization’s biggest vulnerabilities and greatest opportunities.


We get to know you and your business. We align your goals with the needs of your stakeholders to create strategies that inform and motivate.


We show the way forward. You get an easy-to-follow roadmap that leads you to the results that matter most to your business.


We’re there to support you. Our experienced team delivers the high-caliber implementation you expect from an integrated marketing agency.


Risky Business: A Reputation Risk Infographic

Companies that operate with their eyes shut to reputational risks are gambling with their biggest asset – their reputation.

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