Nutrition Physiology Company, the leading supplier of probiotics for the commercial animal nutrition industry, wanted to build awareness and grow market share through a better website experience.


Website Optimization Strategy


Nutrition Physiology Company was concerned that its website wasn’t attracting prospects through cost-effective organic search. And, when potential buyers found the site, it lacked the content and conversion paths needed to turn visitors into customers.

Based on our deep expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), the Standing Partnership team transformed Nutrition Physiology’s website into a business-building machine.


Our strategy, keyword research and inbound marketing, immediately increased organic search traffic and allowed the company to qualify and nurture the leads that began flowing in within hours of launch.

Standing Partnership audited Nutrition Physiology’s website for performance, and delivered a comprehensive competitor analysis to identify content gaps and opportunities. We then held strategy sessions with business leaders to clarify target audiences and identify search terms likely to be used by potential buyers.

Backed by a thorough understanding of the company’s business goals and insights from the website audit and strategy session, we crafted a website optimization plan that employed:

  • SEO to drive organic search traffic to the website
  • Highly relevant inbound marketing content that would attract decision-makers
  • Compelling calls to action that would generate high-quality leads
  • Tools to move leads quickly through the sales funnel and convert them into customers

Nutrition Physiology Company’s well-designed and SEO-optimized website helped them secure more organic traffic from key target audiences, collect qualified leads and move them quickly through the sales funnel.


website form submissions in the first six months


of all website traffic came from organic search, up 21% from the previous year