Beth Russert

Beth Rusert

Nearly 80% of decision-makers believe they’re only 12 months away from the next crisis.

Every seasoned executive knows: It’s not a matter of if your company will experience a corporate crisis, it’s when.

There are too many factors out of your control to mitigate every risk that could cause a crisis. That’s why companies with the best reputation are investing in crisis preparation and reputation strategy. Those investments help them avoid costly damage to corporate reputation that bankrupts companies and ruins careers.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

You heard Wells Fargo’s cross-selling scandal could cause $8 billion in losses, and you don’t want to be next.

Your team is nervous about the damage a potential crisis could cause, but you’re not sure what to do next.

You have complex operations or you’re in a regulated industry, and you’re unsure how to tailor consistent, but meaningful messages for each stakeholder group.

What Can You Do?

Take action on reputational risk management now. With the right reputation strategy, you can identify the risks that put you at greatest risk for a crisis. You can mitigate those risks before they occur and prepare your team to respond if they do.

Too many companies don’t align risk management with their communications. That means your communications team doesn’t learn the impact of a potential crisis until it’s too late. A holistic approach to reputational risk management addresses small problems before they become major issues.

Is Standing a PR Agency, Crisis Firm or Reputation Consultancy?

Our focus on reputation risk management means we often get asked, “What kind of company is Standing Partnership?” We say we’re the trusted advisor for clients that can’t afford the high cost of crisis management and reputation recovery.

Why Clients Trust Standing to Mitigate Reputational Risks

  • Identified and mitigated 20 critical reputational risks for a benefits organization that could have resulted in lawsuits and billions of dollars in losses to its pension fund.
  • Helped a major college prevent internal issue becoming a reputation damaging crisis by creating an online forum that encouraged stakeholder engagement and dialogue about a racially charged social media post.
  • Updated public university’s crisis plan to meet FEMA standards following major crisis incidents in higher education across the country.

Trust is what enables potential customers and stakeholders to make the choice to engage with your organization. Building trust results in impact to the bottom line.

White Papers

Trust and Resiliency: Two Keys to a Stronger Reputation

How Our Process Works for You


We teach you something new. Our proven process helps you identify your organization’s biggest vulnerabilities and greatest opportunities.


We get to know you and your business. We align your goals with the needs of your stakeholders to create strategies that inform and motivate.


We show the way forward. You get an easy-to-follow roadmap that leads you to the results that matter most to your business.


We’re there to support you. Our experienced team delivers the high-caliber implementation you expect from an integrated marketing agency.

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